Snooker League Offers Free Accommodations !

Free Accommodations! That is what Snooker Canada has just announced for the top 48 ranked players at the end of the season. If a player does not live in Montreal or the surrounding area, he or she will receive 2 free nights accommodations during the $25 000 Richler Cup.
hotel (2)The Canadian Snooker Tour is beginning to pick up speed as we get closer to the new year. With over 100 players registered in the league so far, it seems like players are looking more and more at the rankings to see where they place on the list.
We would like to remind everyone in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec, you can NOT register directly to play in the Richler Cup. The only way to get in is by playing in the league and being in the top 48 at the end of the season.
Thankfully, there is still time to come and play and still be in the thick of things. There are plenty of events coming up and we would love to see you there, see your friends there, and of course, see new young players come and join the fun.
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