Why Pool Is More Popular Than Snooker?

Author: Alex Dudley

While there are many similarities between snooker and pool; the argument deciding which over the disciplines is as old as the sports themselves. Granted, both of the games require cues and balls, but this is where the similarities effectively end.

It’s like comparing rugby with American Football. Besides the circle jerk around NFL Superbowl odds and its halftime commercial parade, the rules are very different and only the ball is similar to rugby. Between pool and snooker the balls are actually different and the guidelines to play both are not the same either.

We have little doubt that the game that requires the higher skill of players, as well as being more entertaining for those involved is pool. But, what elements can you point to turn your argument that pool is better into a none-discussion?

Snooker is slow
The game itself is a bore to watch or play. A single frame could last for an hour on end, and most children within the United Kingdom have memories of their grandparents falling asleep watching the game on the television, and they are the passionate fans of the sport. Of course, we can give it acknowledgement as a tactical game, but the patience that is required to watch a match between two closely match opponents is largely underwhelming.

Size of pool table
The pool table is smaller than that of a snooker table, which means that players must be accurate with their shots in order to not block themselves into a corner. This is where the top level of players really separates themselves and ensure that their opponent struggles to pot a ball even if they miss with their shot.

Due to the size of the table being smaller there is also less need for devices such as the spider which is needed in snooker in order to reach the ball to make shots that no human can reach.

Sometimes the best games are those that are simpler in the rules, and pool fits into the category. There are no points scoring like there is in snooker, and the winner of the game is the person that pots the black after potting the other balls.

The simplicity of the game ensures that players who aren’t familiar with the game can pick it up effortless, making it a perfect icebreaker if you’re in a bar in a foreign country or on a first date and you’re looking to do something that requires standing up for a little while.

Pool is quicker
The combination of snooker being slow and pool being fast means that the two games are at opposite ends of the scale. A player could sweep up on the pool stable between ten and 15 minutes, which makes it a perfect game for those that are less engrossed in a game that takes longer to complete.

It also increases the popularity of the game since people can take it in turns to wait for a game in a local bar. Should you replace the pool table with a snooker table, then the player who is waiting could be waiting for an hour before getting to play on the table. This reason also makes it a more popular spectator sport for viewers.

It’s nearly impossible to see the popularity of pool dying out due to the number of pool bars across the globe. It has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a betting game. Much like other sports, the spectators would bet money on the player that they believed would win the match. While nowadays there isn’t a stake on most pool games, the success and popularity of pool will continue onto the next generation.

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