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6th Annual Straight Pool Hall of Fame Nominees: Final Qualifiers for the World 14.1Tomorrow

New York City- The 2016 nominees for the prestigious Straight Pool Hall of Fame are now announced. The ballot list is built from nominations from past HOF’s, sponsors, and fans. Also, the final 2 qualifiers for the World 14.1 takes place on Saturday August 6th at Amsterdam Billiards in New York City and Big Dog Billiards in Iowa respectively. 2016 will mark the 11th consecutive year the World Tournament of 14.1 will be staged. This is the longest consecutive run of the championship ever in its 104 year history with Dragon Promotions continuing production of the world’s oldest billiards event. This year’s confirmed dates for the 76th WorldTournament of 14.1 will take place on September 5th-11th,2016. For the fourth straight year, Steinway Billiards in New York City will host the prestigious championship. As usual, a star studded 56 player field is expected for this year’s lineup to win the world’s greatest straight pool championship.
Fans can vote now for the following candidates:
The 2016 14.1 Hall of Fame nominees for the Greatest Player category are
Pete Margo legendary northeast star
Nick Varner 2x World 14.1 champ
Bobby Hunter last American to hoist the World 14.1 title until his protege John Schmidt.
For the Unsung Hero category:
Tom Jennings, 2x US Open Champion
Cue Ball Kelly , longtime 14.1 promoter
Frank McGown, Brooklyn legend and elite 14.1 pro
Thank you to the Hall of Famers, sponsor & World 141 Club members for your nominations & votes. On Sunday morning the winning 3 inductees will be announced.
The AZBTV livestream TV table will be on Rasson Billiards uniquely designed Victory Table premiering in New York City for the first time. Event elite partners include Mr.Tom Gleich, Dr. Gregory Diehl, Mr. Greg Hunt of Amsterdam Billiards, and Mr. Harold Siegel of Excelsior Graphics. The World Tournament Official Equipment will feature all matches played on Andy Cloth with Aramith Balls. Patron sponsors include Dr. James Heller, Dennis Walsh of Mr. Charles Eames of Charles Eames Photography, Frank Scharbach of Frank’s Billard Cafe, Focused Apparel and Eli Ceballos of Cryfoto Photography.
PAY PER VIEW on sale NOW** *EARLY bird special save $20 now on ALL week pass 7 days of elite World 14.1 matches. Don’t miss any historic moments! Streamed by AZBtv.
Qualifier winners thus far in 2016:
76th Andy Cloth World Straight #PoolChampionship in NYC Sept 5-11. Final qualifier Aug 6 tomorrow at Amsterdam Billiards & Big Dog Billiards. Want to help out? Join the World 141 Club at . Want to Host a Qualifier? Call 407-782-4978 . Sponsored by
For 11 years straight, every year the World 14.1 has been revived for, Amsterdam Billiards has been a staunch sponsor, supporter and qualifier host courtesy of NYC’s Greg Hunt, its Founder.
In addition, the 6th Annual Straight Pool Hall of Fame Banquet will take place in the middle of the event on September 7th at 7:30pm. Every year the popular dinner sells out with all the pool stars and legends attending.

The 14.1 HOF is always the hottest ticket in town every year with laughter & tears
The 14.1 HOF is always the hottest ticket in town every year with laughter & tears

This year will also be a great opportunity for players coming from far away to play in 4 consecutive events within driving distance with Turningstone Casino, Robles 9-Ball Tour, and the World 14.1.
Great players have been honored & fans of billiards have been treated to some unforgettable moments during the past decade of the World 14.1 revival
Be a proud sponsor of the most prestigious and classiest event in the United States, the World Tournament of 14.1 which has been ongoing since 1912. For only $250, become part of the elite World 141 Club and garner all the benefits that well exceed the money you will spend. Click here for full details. We invite you to join this year’s 76th anniversary event in New York City as a supporter or attendee. For those interested in a higher level of support as one of our advertisers or elite World 14.1 Patrons, please reply here or call 407-782-4978 .
Throughout a decade, Dragon Promotions has been able to revitalize straight pool back into the sport and to new audiences. In 2006, straight pool was near it’s complete death in the US. Since then we have poured our resources in media, finance, and know-how to grow the popularity of 14.1. Today, the consensus among the professionals on tour is that the World 14.1 is one of, if not the most, important titles to win in America. Something not expected decades ago.
Sponsors are welcomed to contact 407-782-4978 Also for tickets, Vendors, tournament entries and information:
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7 Time World 14.1 Champion Willie Mosconi
7 Time World 14.1 Champion Willie Mosconi

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