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Kiss My 8 Goodbye Fundraiser Recap

Hustler Billiards – London, Ontario. Plenty of people showed up to play this weekend and also to give their support to the ladies of the Vegas-bound VNEA team ‘Kiss My 8 Goodbye’.
32 players signed up for the open double-knockout tournament on the 9′ foot tables and 10 women participated in a modified round-robin tournament on the VNEA tables.
The play on Saturday was really exciting and the double-knockout matches ran well into the night on Saturday. Competition was tough and back-and-forth safety plays were keeping the matches close and long. By midnight, the final four decided it would be better to come back and finish up on Sunday. The ladies gave a big thanks to the players, owner Ernie Valente, and all those who helped them with the fundraiser. Everyone had a great time!
Results – 100% payout
Men’s Double-Knockout
1-$500 Nathan Antone
2-$300 Marco Varnavides
3-$200 Andy Boldt
4-$160 Frank Peters
5/6-$60 Roy Pennell/Marcel Debuck
Women’s Modified Round-Robin
1-$120 Donna Sasges
2-$90 Gillian Letzer
3/4-$45 Debbie Nousek/Melissa Hillton
Hard Luck Tourney
1-$50 Kayla Jones
2-$30 Shevy Doxtator

Women's Round-Robin

Nathan Antone & Marco Varnavides

Andy Boldt

Frank Peters


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