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Brittany Beats Up On the Boys

Another season of the Shooters Amateur 9 Ball Event wrapped up on the weekend of April 29th and 30th at the Shooters Snooker and Sports Club in North York with the finale of the season long series. With the many tournaments that have dotted the cue sport landscape in the GTA in the past year this Amateur event remains one of the most popular. It is truly a “buyer’s market” for the cue sports enthusiast in the GTA.
With the sheer number of pool and snooker tournaments many events are challenged to attract strong, competitive fields. The 2016/17 Amateur series finale was able to attract one of its strongest fields of the year with 52 players ready to do battle from the 60 who qualified for the event. This was especially impressive as the tournament was being played on the heels of the Silver Jubilee Finale the previous weekend which had been capped at 70 players who qualified for the event. Over 120 players had indicated their interest in participating in the Silver Jubilee Finale. With a stunning $8,100 in prize money available and a further $3,620 in the player Calcutta it was no surprise that this final Amateur event drew such a strong field from across southern Ontario. Entered in the tournament were many strong players including Rob Hall, Brittany Bryant, Jeff Robson, Dave Parker, Harry Chaggaris, and Jason Williams.
Saturday is always a tiring day for players in this double knockout event. ‘B’ side play is especially exhausting as a result of the need to trim the field to the 8 ‘B’ side survivors who would return for Sunday play. From the ‘A’ side of the draw, Glenn Seeseman, Brittany Bryant, Jeff Robson and Daniel Devos emerged undefeated on Saturday to punch their ticket for Sunday action. The grueling ‘B’ side saw Ronald Giron, Romeo Zulueta, Jason Williams, Dave Parker, Toby Huang, Harry Chaggaris, Waleed Hashem and Kenny Chen still standing with just a single loss after Saturday play.
While Sunday play was mostly competitive, one player decided to break from the pack. In the ‘A’ side final, Brittany Bryant soundly defeated Jeff Robson 8-4 sending Robson to the ‘B’ side and Bryant to the hot seat. Waiting on the ‘B’ side was Daniel Devos who had defeated Jason Williams in a tight 8-7 match for the opportunity to play Robson. Robson prevailed over Devos 9-5 setting up a re-match against Brittany Bryant. Robson was unable to overcome his nemesis and was turned back by Bryant by a close score of 8-7.
Congratulations to Brittany Bryant for a dominating performance in this season ending event. Brittany simply carved up the boys on this weekend and was never seriously challenged until her final match with Jeff. Her recent good play at a WPBA event clearly carried over to her play in this Amateur final. Compliments to Jeff Robson and Daniel Devos for their strong play throughout the weekend as well.

A huge thank-you goes out to all the players who make this series such an ongoing success. As a complementary event to the long running ‘404’ series this Amateur series has rapidly become equally popular.
As the 2016/17 pool season is “winding down” it’s worth noting that the many “one off” tournaments at Shooters this year have been wildly successful. The added money by Shooters for these events have provided Amateur pool players with the opportunity to not only compete against their peers for bragging rights but also the chance to win prize money not seen before in Southern Ontario for Amateur events. The tournament prize money compares favourably to the purses in many professional tournaments.
Upcoming tournaments at Shooters include;
May 9, 2017 ‘8’ and Under 9 Ball Event with $1000 added
May 13/14th, 2017 ‘404’ Season Finale with $3000 added
Check the Shooters Snookerclub Facebook page and www.thepoolscene for further details and dates.

  Player Prize Money   Calcutta
1st Brittany Bryant $2,500 $1,650
2nd Jeff Robson $1,600 $980
3rd Daniel Devos $1,040 $500
4th Jason Williams $680 $250
5-6th Glenn Seeseman $440 $120
5-6th Toby Huang $440 $120
7th -8th Ronald Giron $300    
7th-8th Waleed Hashem $300  
9th -12th Romeo Zulueta $200  
9th -12th Kenny Chen $200
9th -12th Harry Chaggaris $200
9th -12th Dave Parker $200

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club 1448 Lawrence Ave E Toronto, Ontario

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