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2010 CWPT Player of the Year

Kristy, Kris, Krispy, Kickshot now that you all know her nicknames, let me introduce the real lady behind the regional tour trophy. Miss Walsh came to Toronto in 1999 where she was seen playing at the BCA Canadian 8 Ball Championships with her fellow team mates known as the “Island Girls”. This lovely lady comes to us all the way from as far east as you can go in Canada, known as St.Johns, Newfoundland. That’s right my pool playing friends, she is a newfie! Yes by!
Every year Krista would return to play in the hottest event of the year, until she decided to get up the nerve to move to Toronto in 2001. Krista began playing in local 8 ball leagues as her passion for 8 ball was strong and desirable and she did so for many years playing in leagues such as VNEA, CPA, BCA. It wasn’t until 2001 when Krista was introduced to the game of 9 Ball where she placed 2nd in her very first event. Miss Walsh played for a couple of years but then took some time off to concentrate on her career. Once settled in her job, Krista came back to compete just for fun as she would state. FUN some would ask, well let me just tell ya, that is how it’s suppose to be!
As a fellow pool playing friend, I saw so much natural raw talent in Krista’s game that I said to myself, if this girl would put the time and effort into practicing this game, she would be spectacular, and become one of the hottest pool playing beauties on the WPBA. So with that came change. I think travelling to some of the WPBA events with me changed her way of thinking. I would actually like to think she was inspired by her favorite player of all time Allison Fisher. Krista met Allison many years ago where Allison autographed a poster of her where it is prominently displayed in Krista’s room, known as the “Shark Tank” In December of 2009 Krista received a very special Christmas gift known as the AF360 cue, which she witnessed Allison playing with it in November of 2009. Krista said, “ I WANT THAT CUE”! So knowing how much she wanted the cue, I surprised her with it Christmas Eve. Since picking up the cue, Krista’s game had sky rocketed within a year and pushed her into the number 1 ranking of the tour and making her the 2010 CWPT regional player of the year. That same year, Krista also went on to win the 2010 Canadian Billiard & Snooker Association Amateur National 9 Ball Championships . I asked Krista if you had one thing to say to aspiring amateur pool players such as yourself, what would you say? She stated, watch the higher end players as much as you can and watch what they do, learn your safety shots, get a routine and practice drills not games.
Well there you have it, from one female to another, what is your Christmas gift going to be? Look for Krista in the up-coming ladies 8 Ball qualifier February 26, 2011, this event will be live streamed through the CWPT website www.cwpt.ca beginning at 12pm.
The CWPT wishes to thank Krista for her continuous support of the tour and for her on-going dexterity. Best of luck Krista Walsh!!!
Courtesy of www.CWPT.ca

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