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Dunbar Dominates at Big Wigs

Marcie Dunbar and Becky Bredow

Well, what a fantastic weekend we had!! 29 Lovely ladies came from all over Ontario to participate in our first event. It was a roaring success!!! Firstly, we had Jill from the Rose of Sharon there and were able to present her with $1260 for such a worthy cause. We raised an additional $240, making the grand total $1500.
We would like to personally thank everyone that came out, played, cheered the girls on and helped fund raise and to our sponsors: NZ Pure Lager and Big Wigs Billiards. Special notes of thanks to: Ryan Millar for donating the Toronto Maple Leaf Tickets that helped raise a good portion of the funds for the charity. Dave from Games Tables Plus for donating a beautiful cue to raffle off. Mario Folco for donating a gift card for his restaurant, Folco’s in Markham. Fraktals Chocolates for the amazing gift basked. Roadhouse & Rose Funeral Home for their generous donation to the charity and two prints for the raffle table.
Speical Thanks to Pat Hawke, for helping promote the event, garnering donations and playing her heart out on what was a difficult day for her. Thanks so much to Suzanne Peters who helped both days and drove all the way from Stoney Creek and left her own pool hall (On The Snap) to help us out. Thanks so much to our loyal Blain, who is always a supporter of the ladies and helped make this event possible.
Results: With over $2000 in the prize pool alone and another $1500 in the calcutta, this was an unprecedented prize pool for a ladies event. The Top 8 made the money, with the following results:
1st Place: Marcie Dunbar, handicap: 6
2nd Place: Becky Bredow, handicap: 4
3rd Place: Donna Baxter, handicap: 4
4th Place: Elysse Leffell, handicap: 4
5th & 6th: Morningstar Williams: 5 & Christiana Allen: 4
7th & 8th: Sarah Schofield: 4 & Christy Taylor: 4
It was an epic battle in the final, fought hard by both ladies and it went well into Sunday evening. The first match went hill hill, with Marcie winning 7-4. Congratulations to Marcie for winning the tournament and securing her spot to the 2018 Canadian Championships in Quebec. Congrats to all the ladies who came out, some for their first time in a tourney, including a highlight of the day with Robin Morency achieving her first ERO in her pool career and earning half of the ERO prize, the other half went to Morningstar Williams.
Hope to see you all at our next event: November 18-19 at Big Wigs Billiards, supporting the Newmarket Food Bank. We will have 1K added to this event as well!

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