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The Korean Zombie Strikes Again on Womens Tour

Hanna Kwon, Maureen Van De Ven, Kayla Roloson Photo by Edwidge Cavanna
Hanna Kwon, Maureen Van De Ven, Kayla Roloson
Photo by Edwidge Cavanna

On The Snap Billiards and Lounge in Stony Creek, Ontario was where 19 Canadian amateur women came for a chance at a title. This was the second $500 added event of the newly formed Billard Feminin Tour , started by player and promoter Edwidge Cavanna.
Tino Barbieri, a semi-professional player, commentator and promoter from Montreal, took to the road for the 6 hour hike to Stoney Creek to support the tour and help out where he could. Barbieri quickly noticed that the level of competition in the G.T.A was a step higher then what he saw at Le Skratch Brossard in the previous tournament. He explained his thoughts on why when he said, ” I credit the higher level of play here to the VNEA competitive leagues, which most of these women play in, as well as the larger population.”
Barbieri was not the only one to drive up from Quebec as three others joined him. Corrine Johnson who is from my neck of the woods Cornwall, ON, which is near the Quebec border, also made the trip. Johnson, who is an accomplished player, is coming back to the game after taking a few years off to start a family. She played well finishing 5th overall. Her only loss came late in the day, and she was forced to forfeit the tournament because she was unable to return for day 2.
Hanna “The Korean Assassin” Kwon, winner of the inaugural tournament, was in fine form again. Slaying her way to the winner side final where she met up with multiple VNEA provincial champion and veteran Maureen Van De Ven. Van De Ven was too much for Kwon in this set and she lost her first match in two tournaments (7-4), forcing her to the losers side final.
Kwon waited patiently as the 17 year old Kayla Roloson worked her way through the losers side bracket. Roloson is a multiple top female finisher in the Canadian Junior Amateur Championship and was a two time Junior VNEA International Champion when she was 14-15 years old. She also boast a 95% G.P.A. Roloson is a bright and upcoming talent to watch out for. However Kwon, a more seasoned talent, was too much for Roloson as she dropped this set 7-3 finishing in an impressive 3rd place.
This set up a rematch between Van De Ven and Kwon. The Assassin had her back against the wall from the start of this set going down 5-1 to the veteran. However, digging in and showing a great deal of heart, Kwon battled all the way back winning 7-5. This being a true double elimination format, Kwon had to settle in for one more set. Carrying on her moment from her previous two matches, she went on to easily win the second set 7-3 to become the first back to back winner on the tour.
Kwon with her trophy
Kwon with her trophy

A big thank you goes out to Suzanne Peters, owner of the venue, as well as Edwidge Cavanna (Promoter), Tino Barbieri and the guy who set up the stream for all us to watch, Wayne Dwyer. Dwyer is a sanctioned referee who also streams the Canadian Championships. The next tournament will take place at Dooly’s Neufchatel on August 23. More info on the upcoming events can be found on the Billiard du Canada Facebook page.

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