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2019 WPA Players Championship Matches Released on YouTube

CueSports International (CSI) is pleased to announce that recorded matches from the 2019 WPA Players Championship have been released on the CSI YouTube Channel. Forty-three (43) matches featuring many of the world’s best players such as Shane Van Boening, Jeffrey De Luna, James Aranas, Jayson Shaw, Alex Pagulayan, Skyler Woodward, Yu-Hsuan Cheng, Carlo Biado and more can be viewed in their entirety – absolutely free!

The $50,000 added event, which was held April 12-19 at Griff’s Billiards in Las Vegas, was a collaborative effort between CSI and the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA). The format was 9-ball and limited to 64 players in a single elimination format with a 32-player consolation event for those eliminated in the first round. The main event was a race to seven (7) with the semi-final and final being a race to nine (9) win by two (2). The consolation event was a race to five (5) with the semi-final and final being a race to seven (7).

Forty-eight (48) of the sixty-four (64) players were chosen by the WPA rankings and WPA member federations. The remaining sixteen (16) spots were determined by four (4) stage 1 qualifiers. For more information about the event, visit


Match 1: Ruslan Chinakhov (Russia) vs Vilmos Foldes (Hungary)
Match 2: Omar Alshaheen (Kuwait) vs Jui-An Hsu (Taiwan)
Match 3: Manny Perez (USA) vs Donny Branson (USA)
Match 4: Del Smith (Great Britain) vs Chris Lawson (USA)
Match 5: Jeffrey Ignacio (Philippines) vs Yu-Lung Chang (Taiwan)
Match 6: Konrad Piekarski (Poland) vs Vang Bui Xuan (Vietnam)
Match 7: Raymund Faraon (Philippines) vs Che-Wei Fu (Taiwan)
Match 8: Jeffrey De Luna (Philippines) vs Yu-Lung Chang (Taiwan)
Match 9: Jalal Yousef (Venezuela) vs Omar Alshaheen (Kuwait)
Match 10: Vilmos Foldes (Hungary) vs Kings Santy (USA)
Match 11: Gabe Owen (USA) vs Ian Costello (USA)
Match 12: Gary Lutman (USA) vs Vang Bui Xuan (Vietnam)
Match 13: Ruslan Chinakhov (Russia) vs Tyler Styer (USA)
Match 14: Jeffrey Ignacio (Philippines) vs Szu-Ting Kuo (Taiwan)
Match 15: Nick Malaj (Greece) vs Che-Wei Fu (Taiwan)
Match 16: Jeffrey De Luna (Philippines) vs Mitch Ellerman (USA)
Match 17: Luu Minh Phuc (Vietnam) vs Chris Alexander (Great Britain)
Match 18: Tyler Styer (USA) vs Vilmos Foldes (Hungary)
Match 19: Kostas Koukiadakis (Greece) vs Daniel Baker (Great Britain)
Match 20: Gabe Owen (USA) vs Dean Goddard (Great Britain)
Match 21: Jeffrey De Luna (Philippines) vs Chris McDaniel (USA)
Match 22: Jeremy Jones (USA) vs Ian Costello (USA)
Match 23: Raymund Faraon (Philippines) vs Blake Baker (USA)
Match 24: Ruslan Chinakhov (Russia) vs Jeffrey De Luna (Philippines)

Match 25: Alex Kazakis (Greece) vs Toru Kuribayashi (Japan)
Match 26: Jeffrey Ignacio (Philippines) vs Mika Immonen (Finland)
Match 27: Darren Appleton (Great Britain) vs Thorsten Hohmann (Germany)
Match 28: Alex Pagulayan (Canada) vs Yu-Lung Chang (Taiwan)
Match 29: Niels Feijen (Holland) vs Waleed Majid (Qatar)
Match 30: Billy Thorpe (USA) vs Gerson Martinez (Peru)
Match 31: Jung-Lin Chang (Taiwan) vs Alex Kazakis (Greece)
Match 32: Thorsten Hohmann (Germany) vs Niels Feijen (Holland)
Match 33: Johann Chua (Philippines) vs Mika Immonen (Finland)
Match 34: Jeffrey De Luna (Philippines) vs Jayson Shaw (Scotland)
Match 35: Skyler Woodward (USA) vs Carlo Biado (Philippines)
Match 36: James Aranas (Philippines) vs Naoyuki Oi (Taiwan)
Match 37: Yu-Hsuan Cheng (Taiwan) vs Shaun Wilkie (USA)
Match 38: Shane Van Boening (USA) vs Eklent Kaci (Albania)
Match 39: Jayson Shaw (Scotland) vs Yu-Hsuan Cheng (Taiwan)
Match 40: Shane Van Boening (USA) vs Carlo Biado (Philippines)
Match 41 SEMI-FINAL: Yu-Hsuan Cheng (Taiwan) vs Johann Chua (Philippines)
Match 42 SEMI-FINAL: Carlo Biado (Philippines) vs Yu-Lung Chang (Taiwan)
Match 43 FINAL: Yu-Hsuan Cheng (Taiwan) vs Carlo Biado (Philippines)

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