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WPBL Results – The Las Vegas Dice take on The Toronto Blue Sharks

The week’s action concluded with The Las Vegas Dice taking on The Toronto Blue Sharks. 

Game One was a back and forth battle for the most part until Toronto finally took advantage of a Las Vegas mistake with just under a minute remaining, They calmly ran the final 9 points of the game using every second of the game clock to finish the final ball and take a 30-19 regulation victory and 2-0 match lead.
Game two needed a shootout to decide the points. Davis and Williams trailed 21-9 going into the shootout but managed to secure a point for the team by running 21 straight off the break and shoot and reaching 30. Toronto then came to the table needing only 9 points to secure their own point in the match. Morra and Klatt made short work of those to make the match score 3-1 Toronto.
Game three was all Las Vegas as Schmidt and Davis broke and ran the first 15 points of the game and then won a safety battle with Klatt and Hjorleifson to finish off the Canadians with a 30-0 regulation victory and earn 3 points for their team. Score now 4-3 Las Vegas.

Team Vegas keeping a close watch on Jason Klatt
Team Vegas keeping a close watch on Jason Klatt

Game four was all Las Vegas as the duo of Schmidt and Williams worked well together, however they could not finish Toronto off sending the game to a shootout at 27-6. Hjorleifson broke for Toronto but could to make his opening shot afterwards, ending the game. Score now 5-3 Las Vegas.
Game five brought singles action as Charlie Williams broke for Las Vegas but scratched and left the door open for John Morra to post a 19 point run before leaving the table with a jump shot facing Williams. Williams fouled and left Morra ball in hand to finish the shut out 30-0 gaining 3 points for his team in the match. Now 6-5 Toronto
Game six was a back and forth affair between Mike Davis and Jason Klatt, the game was tied at 12 but Klatt made the most of his opportunities and did not let Davis score from there, claiming the victory 30-12 in regulation and extending the Toronto lead to 8-5.
Game seven started off with John Schmidt getting 9 the hard way after making 2 continuous great shots to try and stay at the table. From there Erik put some points together himself before the game settled in to a safety battle. Regulation time expired with the score being tied 19-19 sending it to the shootout which ended abruptly for Toronto as Erik Hjorleifson did not make a legal break shot.
Game eight the teams went back and forth with Las Vegas leading most of the way, however they were not able to finish the game during the 15:00 game clock which they would have needed to send the match into the captains choice shoot out. They did however secure one extra point in the match for the shootout victory 24-22. Final match score was 8-7 Toronto for a 11-7 scoreline.

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